A Community Built on Hope

Rabondo citizens carry wooden plank to construction site
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The Mission

In a developing country, the only weapon you have is education.

Rabondo is a remote rural village in the southwest of Kenya- a village lacking in the most basic and crucial of services: Viable health care. School facilities. Sanitary systems. Electricity. Safe water.

The result is deeply troubling- a community devastated by poverty and AIDS where people of a productive age can do little but wander the streets.

Many know they are dying but have no way of knowing why.

Here, among the gravest of circumstances, the most dangerous threat is losing hope.

In a village where everything seems to be wrong, where can you start to make things right?

The Rabondo Community Project USA

The vision of the Rabondo Community Project USA (RABCP) begins with education- education that will serve as a catalyst for other critical programs that will strengthen Rabondo and save its children and families.

We praise and thank the donors from the U.S. for their generosity in making the dream of Rabondo their own and seeing it to reality. Your true gifts have been those of dignity and hope.

The project began with the construction of a primary school and has since expanded to include efforts to build a secondary school, health clinic, and dormitories for orphaned children.

IMMEDIATE REQUEST: A substantial problem with a simple solution. 

At Rabondo Community Project USA we feel the best avenue to empower the people of Rabondo is through education. 

All students are welcomed to attend the schools in Rabondo.  RCPUSA has increasingly encouraged girls to attend the schools and has helped them see the value of an education.  As we strive to keep our focus on the girl’s education we have run into an issue that affects their attendance.  The girls in the community that are old enough to have their monthly menstrual cycle are missing up to one week of school per month. This is due to the lack of sanitary supplies in the community.  The girls in turn are staying home during their menstruation and are falling behind in their studies.  One week per month is too much for any student to be absent. 

We would like to supply each girl with a reusable cloth sanitary pad kit from Luna Pads. (www.lunapads.com) Luna Pads has kindly offered to sell their sanitary pad kits to us at a discounted price for the girls.  We have approximately 200 students in need of supplies.  Each girl will have the necessary supplies in her kit to last the week of her cycle.  The pads are made of absorbent and washable fabric that is reusable and better for the environment. Luna pads will last for approximately 5 years. These kits cost $30.00 each and include a day pad with inserts, an evening pad with inserts, one pair of underwear and care instructions all within a zippered pouch.   These supplies can give girls new freedom and better education.  And help them feel confident and proud about being a woman.

If you would like to make a donation towards this project visit the “Donate-Volunteer” page

All of us at RCPUSA along with the girls from Rabondo appreciate your support.

The Rabondo Community Project USA is a 501 (c) (3) enabling gifts to be tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law.