Luna Pads


Rabondo Community Project, USA (RCPUSA) has long been
concerned with the education of girls and young women. That
means no only getting them there, but also keeping them
there. When one devoted, female student bravely stood up and
explained that girls were missing school due to their menstrual
cycle, RCPUSA’s eyes were opened to a huge problem with
a simple solution. Since then, RCPUSA partnered with
LunaPads ( to launch an initiative to
deliver washable and reusable sanitary pads to the Rabondo
community so that the young women would no longer have to
miss weeks of schooling simply due to their menstrual cycles.

$30 keeps a girl
in school for 3 years

LunaPads is a small company created by two entrepreneurial
women who have been incredibly generous to RCPUSA. We
are able to purchased sanitary kits at a 50% discount. Each kit
contains the necessary supplies for the full week of a students’s
cycle. Each kit is $30 (usually retails for $60) and will last
for 3-5 years. So far, RCPUSA has been able to purchase 100
kits. Fifty kits were sent to Rabondo in January of 2010, while
another 50 arrived in August of 2010.
School attendance for the young women who were in receipt
of a LunaPads kit has improved and these young women
are very thankful for the donations. To the right is feedback
RCPUSA has received on this initiative from two young
women in Rabondo. RCPUSA hopes to accrue donations to
send more kits to Rabondo and needs your help to do so. To
make a donation, please visit and click the
“Donate - Volunteer” tab. You may also visit,
click on Donate, and select Rabondo Community Project.

[Donations are made in multiples of $10. To donate $30 (the cost
of 1 Pads4Girls Kit), simply choose 3 as your quantity.]


Thank you letters from Kenya children

I am Anne Orieko, aged 17 years old.
I glad to thank you for the sanitary
towels you offered us.
I the last born in our family and two
brothers with one parent. My father
passed away when I was young, but my
mum had together with my brothers and
sisters to bring me up and now I am working hard to achieve
high grades in order to have better future.
I am glad to say thanks on behalf of the students who received
the sanitary towels. I have been having a problem since my
guardian whom am staying with was unable to afford buying
the sanitary towels. This was forcing me to stay away from
school until my period ends to avoid embarrassment.
Since I received the sanitary towels, I am happy because am in
school and the headache of buying the sanitary towels has
stopped and we were advised that the ones you sent can be
used for three years. Since I started using them, I have found
them easy to use. We will be glad if you send more to all girls.
Thanks and God bless you.


My name is Nancy Oballa, am 17 yrs
of age and in from three at St. Timon’s
Rabondo. We are 7 in our family and
am the first born in our family.
I am a partial orphan, my mother died
in 2003 when I was in class 4 and we
were left with our grandmother to
take care of us my father though is
hardworking but because of his old age he is not financially
stable, he is struggling to see us through our education.
Since I am the first person to go to secondary school it has
been really tough for my father to balance between paying
my fee and catering for the siblings and also ensuring that I
get the necessary requirements as a girl.
The issue of issuing the sanitary towels has made me to be
very happy and they have helped me in a great deal.
Even wise men stated the adage that in every black cloud
there is a silver lining and my silver lining came about when
finally the Rabondo Community Project issued us with
reusable sanitary towels and I am grateful a million times
since I can now resume my learning as usual and I need not
to worry about the coming months.
I lack the words to thank you for what you did and I thank
God for you as guardian angel. My father too lacks some
words to say because he is very happy. Thank you so much
and continue with your generousity and God given heart.
May God the Almighty Father bless you abundantly.