Orphaned Children


Rabondo, a remote rural village in Southwestern Kenya, has been devastated by
poverty, illiteracy and HIV/AIDS. Rabondo Community Project, USA (RCPUSA)
is dedicated to helping the village of Rabondo through education and selfsustainability.

Currently there are almost 1,000 students attending the primary
and secondary schools built by RCPUSA with the support of others. Currently
we have 32 orphaned children, age 3-18 years, that could use your support.
With your generous support, we can help the next generation of Kenyans reach
their full potential!

Cost Per Orphaned Child Per Year
School Fees $288.00
Other Charges $80.00
School Fees Sub-Total $368.00

School Uniforms & Game Skirts $90.00
Books & Supplies $55.00
Personal Items (incidentals) $172.00
Boarding Requirements $50.00
(bedding, mosquito nets, etc.)
Transportation (approx.) $25.00
Medical Issues (average per child) $12.00
Total Cost $772.00
for all 32 students $24,704.00