Rabondo citizens carry wooden plank to construction site

We are pleased to announce that for the first time in Rabondo's history we celebrated the graduation of 84 secondary school students!  Through their own drive, these graduates have empowered themselves, their community, and become role models for other students. This accomplishment has been made possible by the generosity of those who have supported the Rabondo Community Project USA.

We have in place a school board, which formulates school policies and provides for a dialogue between community members, parents, and students. The establishment of a school board has lead to progressive action in education and community development through the unity it creates for Rabondo. Additionally, we have a new principal who understands the mission of our project and the needs of the community.

We also completed several structures and projects that are helping both the students and the greater community. They include (to name a few) …

The completion of:

  • A community water well
  • Dining hall (including tables and benches)
  • Housing for five teachers
  • Painting of all secondary school buildings

The provision of:

    • School uniforms for 300 students
    • Food items for orphans
    • Medicine for sick orphans
    • Shelter for orphans
    • Supplies for the science lab
    • General school supplies
    • 30 desks (seating 60 students)
    • Books for a community library and resource center (provided by Books for Africa)

    While we have many achievements to celebrate, we also have many areas of need which require immediate attention.